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Where does Darwin’s water come from?

Do you know where Darwin’s water comes from? You are not alone if you don’t – almost one quarter of Darwin residents are not aware*. It’s probably something you don’t think about much. Most of our water (85%) comes from Darwin River Dam about 50km from the Darwin CBD, with the rest from borefields about 30km from Darwin. It then travels to an elevated tank in your area, then to your home. Darwin River Dam was constructed in 1972. In 2010, Power and Water raised the spillway and upgraded the embankment to increase the full supply level by 1.3 metres, increasing the water yield by 20%. While this helped increase our supplies our high rate of consumption uses this up quickly. A growing population means that we need to continually monitor and plan for future water source options.
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*2013 Power and Water survey of Darwin region residents using mains water.